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The 3-minute world

March 14, 2012

Elliott Masie, my favorite learning person, had been talking about learning via videos, indicating that all learning, will soon happen in 3 minute nuggets. I so agree with him! It is literally like that, isn’t it. You have a ton of things to work on, there are emails, some alerts, some text messages, some phone calls, some chores to be done and so many other zillion things which just consume your time. While the boundaries between seeking information and learning are blurring (at least non-skill related), knowledge management and learning systems are morphing into each other.

We are living in an age of instant gratification – we want to know what we want to know – now and if I happen to have 5 minutes while I am waiting for a cab, well, that is when I want to learn whatever is most relevant to my immediate context.

If everything I need to know is on the cloud, in varied sized chunks, I can choose what size of learning chunks I need to access and access it when I am able to.

I am able to ask a question to the people who are tagged as experts in my network, able to write a microblog, able to read something which is there on my read list (hopefully someone tagged it such that it landed in my reading list) and many other things. What I cannot, however, manage to do in this time, is for instance, gain leadership skills. For that, might I argue, there are multiple such nuggets that are part of a larger design along with some traditional forms of learning.

We are living in a world which is soon moving to 3-minute nuggets of learning. Are you ready for it?



  1. Good one, Thats what we focus on at DRONA Mobile and Bizpunditz 🙂

  2. That’s fabulous! Where can our readers find out more about these? Do share some relevant links!

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