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Fast content!

June 2, 2012

This is the speed age..of course it is! Everything is available on our fingertips. Google it and you’ll know what it is. Search for Apps on the iPad and you will get it. Download audios on your mobile phone and you can listen to it. If there are people out there who are still following the traditional Instructional Design methods to ‘create content’, do share this with them. The only thing that perhaps needs to be done in today’s age is ‘content curation’. Pull together content from various sources to put something together which is ready to be tested. In this fast paced world, if we take months to create a module, people are likely to run out of patience and needs are likely to get re-prioritized.

It is hence, better to put together something fast, of relevance, co-created with end users if not SMEs and just roll with it! This does not, of course mean that content creators don’t have a future. In fact, they have a very bright one. What is even more interesting, is that many more people, who have research skills, are well networked into their professional community, can connect with a bunch of experts from around the globe and get some quick opinions and have the ability to translate a need into a set of understandable content chunks, not necessarily slides, are emerging as the new breed of ‘content curators’. Instructional Design skills are certainly as important today as they were yesterday. However, without exposure to the latest in the world of learning and without accepting content curation as a key part of Instructional Design, we are headed back into the past.

Time to take the learning spaceship!


  1. Also what needs to be understood is the platforms on which users would view the content. Instructional designers need to understand what separates an iPad from an android tablet or a blackberry playbook for that matter. With BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) so rampant across companies instructional designers really need to be on their toes.

  2. That is a great point, Divyesh! Which then only means that educating themselves on the latest technologies is what Instructional Designers need to focus on, at high speed! I wonder if there are any resources available which can help address this somehow?

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