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Super Coordinators!

June 8, 2012

We are all moving towards fast content curation, shorter nuggets for delivery, more web-based sessions so why should we leave out training coordination?

First of all, the role of training coordinators in the traditional sense, will perhaps stay as it has been. That too, has evolved over time to more hands on knowledge and management of the LMS rather than email based coordination.

In addition, with time, coordinators are being asked to be more tech savvy than ever. Set up a webex, or a session on Adobe Connect or coordinate a webcast with a TelePresence thrown in, record the session, manage the technical issues (really..? is that a coordinator’s job..?), moderate the online chat (is the facilitator not supposed to do that..?)..these some very obvious expectations though with valid questions that coordinators might ask today.

Enter – super coordinators of today! Well versant with the technology that drives the virtual sessions, able to stand in for the facilitators as they arrive and keep the audience engaged  by pointing out of someone had a question on chat and that remains unanswered. What’s more, even be ready with some useful did bits related to the topic to keep the audience temporarily focused on the topic while the facilitator resolves his / her technical issues or share some relevant audience related statistics with the facilitator while the audience resolves technical issues at their end.

Super coordination, this is, all right! The key implication really being that the skills and competencies expected of coordinators need to change accordingly. If you are a training coordinator or work with some, what are your observations about their current competencies and what is expected of them?

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  1. Krishna Bedi permalink

    Very well summed up! I guess mostly today in large volume driven IT behemoths (at least from an India perspective)… training coordinators seem to be losing the “soul to the process” and rarely look beyond the antiquated job descriptions.
    I think a set of baseline competencies / skills are a must have in today’s context (which infact some of the smart ones acquire in about 3-6 months into the job) :
    1.Networking & Collaboration (esp. with myriad teams which have a role to play in the flawless conduct of a program.. either virtual or classroom)
    2.Responsiveness (most of the times speed is the essence)
    3.Lateral Thinking (Ability to think and look for alternatives or a Plan B)
    4.An affinity towards technology (they needn’t be tech geeks but at the same time shouldn’t be tech averse at all) and lastly
    5.A high degree of customer service orientation (being able to deliver that oft elsuive ‘phenomenal learning experience’ does call for a personalized touch in the way training coordinators deal with end users of the ‘product’ – esp. critical in the classroom context).

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