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July 13, 2012

I am now a member of quite a few communities on Facebook and on LinkedIn and have had an opportunity to study communities closely as well. What I have always found mind-boggling is the kind of natural sub-communities that tend to emerge within each community. It is like a mish mash of a number of people who tend to have similar interests.

I believe that a path-breaker in online forums / communities would be if we could allow ‘natural’ communities to emerge. This can only happen when adequate data is captured or deducted from the profile, comments and usage patterns of people. Let me explain this a bit.

e.g. when I join, say Facebook, I am profiled in a certain manner based on the information which is captured about me. I might be given a choice of the kind of communities I would like to belong to – would it comprise of men and women or women only, for instance or, say, would I want to explore communities globally or only in on and so forth. Based on that, I am recommended a set of communities that I could consider belonging to – I am even able to see the profile of people who are a part of a community before I decide to join it. Maybe I prefer engaging with a certain kind of people or maybe I am happy to engage with a diverse audience. It is almost like a Genius for communities. By being plugged in to the communities which are relevant to me, I ensure I avoid spam and am not inundated with zillions of messages and updates.

Also, what would be super is for some sort of an automatically generated scorecard which gives me a sense of which communities I seem to be most active on and which communities I seem to be passive in – which gives me an opportunity to reassess the kind of communities I would like to belong to by perhaps making some changes in my phase of life. If I want to start cycling, I am recommended a different community as against if I want to know more about parenting.

It is possible there is something like this already existing somewhere or under development – if any of you are aware of such a thing, please do share. I would love to know more about it!

Happy learning!


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